Saturday, September 27, 2008

Latest Update

I know I haven't been keeping up my blog very well, but I'm going to try harder now! Since I last posted, we've done a lot!


The girls have had their first taste of Blue Bell, which Michelle says is the best ice cream she's ever had in her life and I would agree. They tried Krispy Kreme for the first time, bought their first cowboy hats, went to their first pep rally, football game, and ate cajun food to name a few.


Since they've been here, we've taken a few little trips. The first weekend we went to Fiesta Texas in San Antonio with a small group of exchange students. Hanna is not really into rides, but she was a trooper and tried to keep cool by watching some of the shows in the AC. Michelle and I rode as many rides as we could. We had a sweet girl with us from Tajikistan who had never ridden a roller coaster, so we had a great time scaring her to death on the rides! She had a blast. It was long day, but we all had a great time!

We've been going to church at Austin Stone in downtown Austin which is right by Lady Bird Lake...awesome! The girls have really enjoyed church...the music is great and the preaching is too! After church one Sunday, my friend loaned us her kayaks and we kayaked on the lake. We went up to Barton Springs and Michelle and I raced...I'm sad to say she kicked my rear. Afterwards, we went to the Bob Bullock Museum and checked out a little Texas History. It was an eventful weekend as we had family in from hurricane Ike. The girls were so excited to meet the family...and I was excited to have mom and dad cooking for us! Thankfully everything was okay with our families' homes and they were able to go back after a few days, but we were sad to see them go...especially me because it's back to me cooking every night. :-)

Last weekend I took the girls to Fort Worth where we met my friend Kelli and her niece. On the way we stopped in West where there are a lot of Czech people. Michelle was so excited when we stopped at the Czech Stop and bought kolaches (which she said were Americanized...imagine that!) She took tons of pictures and said it was the best thing we'd done yet. I guess when you are totally away from your culture, it's nice to have a little taste of home. That night we met Kelli, had dinner and crammed into the hotel room for a little rest. The next morning we went to Cracker Barrel (YUM!) and then on to the Fort Worth stockyards where they bought cowboy hats (made in China...ha!), saw a longhorn, armadillo, possum (yuk!), horses, mechanical bull, and who knows what else! It was a beautiful day and we just walked and looked and took pictures. After the stockyards, we drove over to Dallas where we checked out the place where Kennedy was shot. We walked around the West End, took some pictures and had dessert! Do you see a trend? Blue Bell, Krispy Kreme and dessert? I may be in trouble! We also drove around Fair Park...I'm hoping I can take them to the State Fair, but I'm not sure if we'll make it or not! Hopefully...

This weekend is a little quieter. Last night Hanna and I went to our local park where they show a movie on a huge screen and everyone sits in lawn chairs or blankets. It was a gorgeous night...nice and cool. Michelle had a sleepover last night with her swim team girls and Hanna is going to the lacrosse practice this morning to check it out. I plan on cleaning the house and running some errands and taking it easy this weekend. They want to go shopping tomorrow with two other exchange students from school for dresses for the homecoming dance.

The girls are really getting involved. Hanna writes for the newspaper and is in the knitting club...she's knitting a scarf :) Michelle is on the swim team and had her first meet yesterday which she couldn't compete in because she's on varsity and they have to get all her UIL paperwork done. They've both been going to Deepend which is a youth group bible study with my friend's church. They really love it. Michelle has never been to church and Hanna only goes occasionally, but they have really enjoyed the bible study and our church worship service. Their youth group leader bought them bibles. They were so excited about that.

So, I'm sure I've forgotten some of the exciting elements of our adventures...that's what happens when you don't update your blog regularly...but you get the idea! We've been busy!

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Renner Romig said...

I have really looked forward to reading your blog. It really brings back memories. I just wish we had done more for Tina when she was here as far as immersing her into our culture.
As I was reading about all of the great things you've introduced to the girls I thought of a few places you need to take them that are close to your home.
1. Round Rock Donuts - to die for!
2. Longhorn Caverns by Inks Lake
3. The Saltlick
One more thing, Steven lives in Austin now. I can get you his e-mail if you don't already have it. I'm sure he would love to hear & meet up with you, Joe & the girls!