Sunday, October 12, 2008


This week was homecoming and we've spent a lot of time making preparations for the week. They've never heard of mums, so it was fun watching them put it all together. They also bought dresses for the homecoming dance and we spent yesterday fixing hair and getting ready for the dance. It was definitely an experience for them!

Last week Joe got them sideline passes so they could take pictures and experience the game up close. They really loved it!

So far things are really good. We are all exhausted from the week...with shopping, haircuts, more shopping, and mum making, we are pooped! So today we went to church and we are relaxing the rest of the time.


lila fox ermel said...

they are so friggin' cute! i can't wait to meet them and see ya'll for the holidays!

chad & i are so proud of the blogger you've become...brings a tear to my eye. ha!

love ya'll & hello to my joe,
lila & chad

Renner Romig said...

What a fun time! I still remember the excitement of our times of homecoming and they make me smile. Definite memories to cherish. :o)